Be a Volunteer!

There are many ways you can help in our mission to assist low income families and individuals with plenty of good quality food. Contact us for any questions about volunteering.

In Our Warehouse

You can help us in our warehouse and front line distribution areas, sorting produce, stocking shelves, filling food baskets, handling food items to recipients and helping to load food into people's carts.

At Work or with Your Club or Organization

Be part of our Summer Drive! A two-week challenge to raise $25,000 to help cover our operational expenses. Find out more information here.

Keep Us Running! Organize a fund drive to help cover our operational expenses.

Organize a Chicken Drive! Find more information here.

Organize a Virtual Drive Help us buy products we rarely receive, such as milk, eggs, beans, chicken and other meats. If you donate funds instead of actual food, we can purchase food wholesale and on occasion at special discount rates, making the most of your donation.

Pass it On Let your contacts know about World Harvest Food Bank, through sharing our website, post or pages through social media. They might be willing to lend a hand. We're on Facebook and Twitter.