Do you need food?

If you find yourself in the situation that you need immediate food assistance, or are threatened by not having sufficient food to supply you or your family's basic needs, WHFB is here to help you.

For working families or individuals whose financial intake isn't sufficient to cope with daily food requirements, you can access a cartful of groceries, an average of 150 pounds of food, with a flat rate donation of $30 after a brief registration process.

However, if you are not able to cover this amount, we will provide you with the same benefits in exchange for your time as a volunteer for one part time day, 4 hours. Your donation, helps us cover the costs of food transportation, basic maintenance and management service for WHFB, allowing us to function and make available our food items to you. For more information contact us.

There is no Shame in Receiving Help

There is absolutely nothing wrong or embarrassing about benefiting from services such as ours. More importantly by coming forth and receiving food, instead of you and your family bearing hunger and missing meals, you avoid the resulting effects of malnutrition when basic staples such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and grain (bread, pasta, rice, etc.) are missing from your daily intake.

For more information about the daily FDA recommended food intake visit here.

Many Who Care About You

WHFB receives many forms of help and support with our mission to provide food to needy individuals and families in times of need. You and your family are the final recipients of this chain of help.

Every time a crate of produce is donate from a chain supermarket, or a shipment of fruits or vegetables arrives to us from a farmer, this is done with the knowledge and understanding that families and individuals in need will benefit from them.

In times of hardship, when your determination and forbearance are tested, it is good to know that a portion of America's harvest is destined to relieve you in your time of need. World Harvest Food Bank is one facilitator of this constant flow of aid, and we're here because we care about your well being and your family's.