Sponsoring a Food Drive can be Simple and Exciting!!

Collecting and Delivering Food Drive Items

We request, if at all possible, your help by using your own resources to collect and deliver your food to the Food Bank. Due to the increase in demand for our delivery services and the resources it takes us to get a truck to you, please know that we would graciously appreciate your efforts to stop by one of our Food Bank branches at your convenience. At the Food Bank, you may pick up collection containers to package and deliver food donations. At the conclusion of the food drive, deliver your collected food to any World Harvest Food Bank branch. Your assistance with food collections will allow us to best utilize our resources to deliver the food to those in need throughout our 58 county service area.

Collection Materials

We have a number of square barrels and printable signs available for use. Barrels are 18 inches square and 30 inches tall and lay flat for easy placement in your vehicle. The average sedan can hold 15 barrels. Please be aware that barrels can get very heavy when filled with cans of food. As an alternate, consider collecting food in cardboard boxes. Copy paper boxes that come filled with reams of paper are the perfect size. Once full, they are not too heavy to handle and they can be stacked in a corner, against the wall, or in a vehicle.

Delivery of Your Food Drive Items

If the food you collect can fit into a few cars, vans, SUVs or pick- up trucks, please ask for volunteers to deliver it to your most convenient Food Bank branch. This would be so greatly appreciated. If you collect enough food to fill up a truck or are unable to find someone to deliver the food for you, please contact us to schedule a pick up. For your convenience, we suggest you stop by in the afternoons, as our partner agencies deliver or pickup food from our warehouses in the mornings. It can be very busy during those times.