Make a Monetary Contribution

Your donation will go towards purchasing food, offsetting transportation and basic operational costs. As we expand our programs supporting community assistance centers such as pantries and shelters, outside donations are crucial to sustain our projected growth.

Consider also that the value of your donation is multiplied considerably, since a large percentage of the food WHFB administers is donated, but requires the infrastructure of a permanent and efficient intermediary organization such as ours to deliver those donations to a person in need. Our food bank picks up or receives cargoes of donated foods that have to be unloaded, stored, sorted and finally made available to our beneficiaries in our facility.

Any amount you can contribute will be much appreciated.

Chicken Drive Contributors

NOTE: The funds donated as part of the WHFB Chicken Drive are exclusively used for this purpose. If you, your company or organization, is making a donation for the drive, please contact us prior or afterwards so that we can funnel it to the purchase of chickens. If you send a check, please clarify that it is for the purpose of the purchase of chickens. If you'd like to help distribute the purchased chickens, contact us. Thank you ; )

Summer Fun-d Drive

Thank you for considering donating to WHFB's Summer Fun-d Drive. The funds collected will help us cover essential operating costs for the last quarter year 2014. While our shared maintenance operational model covers a large portion of our expenses, raises in the rental of our facilities and in transportation costs obliged us to fund raise to meet these expenses.

You help is key in helping us to continue assisting families with food on a daily basis. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your support! Click here for PDF of flier..