How can you Chicken Help us?

If you've gotten this far, it probably means that your are willing and able to contribute with our drive. We wholeheartedly thank you, the procedure is simple:

#1 - Chip in for chicken purchasing

The most efficient way is, if we buy the chickens, because we'll purchase them wholesale, getting more chicken for your buck. You can make an online donation through our Pay Pal account, or send us a check or money order payable to World Harvest Food Bank. If these options do not work for you, contact us, and we'll accomodate your preferred method. We will post information about the chickens purchased with the collected funds.

#2 - Give away the chicken

Would you like to assist us in the distribution of the chickens? If so, let us know. In our annual turkey drive, donors have come in and volunteered in the distribution of their donated turkeys. This worked beautifully, as donors themselves participated in the direct act of giving. We can arrange this for you or your group. Just let us know ahead of time, preferably at the time of your donation.